Conceal Carry Course (Sacramento County)

(Before signing up for this class, you must have started your application process with Sac County.  If not, you will need to qualify again for the renewal price.)


Course Description: 

The CCW Course will be held over a two-day period. On the first day, the course will be at the range.  We will teach you basic defensive shooting skill and end with the live- fire handgun qualification.  On the second day, we will be in the classroom. Students will learn about the self-defense platform including handgun choice, proper ammunition, holster use, and developing a defensive mindset concerning personal protection.  

In the classroom, we highlight relevant aspects of California self-defense law and how it relates to the use of firearms, with further instruction on shooting technique, malfunction clearance, and firearms storage.

The course will conclude with a written exam.  Upon meeting the necessary standards set by Deadeye Dames, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Qualification to meet the requirements of the Sheriff's Office.

Throughout the course, the following shall be covered:

  • Handgun safety and storage

  • Transportation of firearms

  • Current political climate and gun rights

  • CCW holder responsibilities

  • California State CCW laws

  • Legal use of deadly force

  • Defensive shooting techniques

  • Live fire instruction

The price of the class includes the range fee. The fee is $195.00 and includes one firearm.  Each additional firearm (maximum of three) is $25.00 each.


Please call to schedule a class.  916-844-2486

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Need to renew or qualify for a modification?  The fee is $100.00 and $25.00 for each additional firearm (maximum of three).


Please call to schedule your class.  916-844-2486


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Sac. County Renewal

Basics of Pistol Shooting Course
So you want to learn how to shoot?  Wonderful!  You have come to the right place!  This course will be held in one day for approximately 6 to 8 hours.  You will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a revolver and semi-automatic pistol in a safe manner.  Safety comes first, and we stress that throughout the day.  You will learn how to identify parts of a pistol and action types and will be able to demonstrate how to handle a pistol safely.  You will also learn about the five components of a pistol cartridge and the firing sequence.  We will talk about the factors in determining purchasing a handgun and storage.  You will also learn about malfunctions and how to clear them.  Shooting is not just about aiming and pull the trigger.  We will teach you the five fundamentals of marksmanship.  This class includes classroom time and range time.  The price includes range fees.  Handguns are provided if you need one.  You must register at least one week before the class.   The fee is $150.00 plus range fees.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay.  More information will be emailed to you once you register. 


Please call to schedule a class.  Minimum of 3 participants. 



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NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training


Short Description:

To provide the basic KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and ATTITUDE necessary to learn pistol marksmanship using a virtual training system.

More Details:

The course teaches basic marksmanship fundamentals, firearm safety using a simulated pistol with a resetting trigger and laser to indicate where the shots hit. No range is needed with this simulator training course. With very little equipment, the NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training Course teaches the fundamentals of sight alignment, trigger control, grip, and breath control. At the completion of the course, an NRA participation certificate is awarded. Students may attend this course as a basis to decide whether or not they would like to follow-up by taking the full-length Basic Pistol Course with live fire or simply learn to improve their marksmanship skills.

You can always schedule a group or private class anytime!